How To Deposit Money in Exness

How To Deposit Money in Exness
At Exness, we don’t believe in placing barriers between forex traders and their funds. For that reason we’ve designed our deposit process to be convenient, fast, safe, and financially transparent. Exness accepts deposits through a wide variety of payment systems and offers automated instant withdrawals. This means you can access your money any time, day or night. Furthermore, Exness does not charge commission either on deposits or withdrawals.  

Deposit Tips

Funding your Exness account is quick and easy. Here are some tips for hassle-free deposits:

  • Make sure your account is verified, meaning that your Proof of Identity and Proof of Residence documents are reviewed and accepted. If your account is not verified, deposit limits are imposed.
  • Your account type may present a minimum deposit requirement to begin trading; For Standard accounts the minimum deposit depends on the payment system, while Professional accounts have a set minimum initial deposit limit starting from USD 200.
  • Double-check minimum deposit requirements for using a specific payment system.
  • The payment services you use must be managed under your name, the same name as the Exness account holder.
  • While choosing your deposit currency, remember that you will need to make withdrawals in the same currency chosen during the deposit. The currency used to deposit does not need to be the same as your account currency, but note that exchange rates at the time of transaction do apply.
  • Finally, whichever payment method you are using, please double-check that you haven’t made any mistakes when you entered your account number, or any important personal information required.

Visit the Deposit section of your Personal Area to deposit funds into your Exness account, any time, any day, 24/7.

How to Deposit in Exness

Different regions will present different payment system options for deposits, and this is the region chosen upon registration of your Exness account. As such, if you would like to know what payment systems are available to you, simply login to your Personal Area.

1. Click on the Deposit section
How To Deposit Money in Exness
2. Select the payment system you wish to use
How To Deposit Money in Exness
3. In the pop-up menu, choose the account you wish to deposit funds into and click "Continue"
How To Deposit Money in Exness
4. Enter the currency and amount of your deposit and click
How To Deposit Money in Exness
5. Double check your deposit details and click "
How To Deposit Money in Exness
6. You will be redirected to the website of your chosen payment system, where you can complete your transfer  
How To Deposit Money in Exness

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Deposit fees

Exness does not charge commission on deposit fees, though it is always best to double-check the conditions of your chosen Electronic Payment System (EPS) as some may have service fee charges from the EPS service provider.

Deposit processing time

Processing times can vary based on the payment method you used to deposit funds. All available methods will be shown to you in the Deposit section of your Personal Area.

For most payment systems offered by Exness, the deposit processing time is instant, understood to mean that the transaction is carried out within a few seconds without manual processing.
If the stated deposit time has been exceeded, please contact the Exness Support Team.

Payment systems

There are so many ways to transact with Exness, as we offer Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) to give you more options to transact.

Currently we accept deposits through the following electronic payment systems:
  • Neteller
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • Perfect Money

Some payment methods may not be available in your region. Visit your Exness Personal Area to view the available payment methods for your account.

Deposits and withdrawals executed through electronic payment systems are instant, meaning that once you complete the transaction, it will only take a few moments for the funds to reflect in your account.

We do not charge deposit or withdrawal fees when you make a deposit via any of the electronic payment systems mentioned above. The only exception is when you withdraw funds via Skrill; there is no commission for withdrawing more than USD 20, but if you withdraw less than that amount, a commission of USD 1 will be charged.

Fees may be charged by certain electronic payment systems. For more information about transaction fees, please visit the websites of the electronic payment system you are thinking of using.

How can I be sure that my payments are safe?

Financial security is of utmost importance in Exness. We take strict measures to make sure that your funds are safe with us.

Let us take a look at how we ensure financial security in Exness:
  1. Segregation of client funds: Clients’ funds are stored separated from company funds to ensure that they are protected from events that may affect the company. We ensure that company funds are greater than client funds so that you can be sure we are always capable of compensation if required.
  2. Verification of transactions: Requesting a withdrawal requires a One-Time-Pin that is sent to the client’s phone or email linked to the account (known as a security type, selected during registration), to ensure that the transaction is being requested by the rightful owner.
We also believe transparency is very important to our shared success. Thus, we consistently publish our financial reports on our website for clients to see.
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